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Floor with artificial resin coating or acrylic coating

Kunstharzbeschichtungen - ASB Ahaus
Kunstharzbeschichtungen - ASB Ahaus
Kunstharzbeschichtungen - ASB Ahaus

Modern floor artificial resin coating from Ahauser Säurebau & Systembeschichtungen GmbH

With our range of different floor coatings, such as our floor artificial resin coating, and our floor acrylic coating, we are one of the leading national companies in the industry.

ASB, Ahauser Säurebau & Systembeschichtungen GmbH, is a high-performance, medium-sized company, with headquarters in the North Rhine Westphalian town of Ahaus in the western Münsterland area. For many years now, Managing Director Klaus-Dieter Wielens and his team have specialised in the production and installation of both ceramic and acid-resistant tiled floors, as well as floor coatings for retail, business and industry.

Anti-slip, jointless and easy-care

The ASB brand stands for a wide range of floor coverings and floor coatings. For example, high-quality ASB ceramic floor coverings are the material of choice in the food and pharma industry. As a modern flooring system, ASB floor coatings are perfectly aligned to special customer requirements.

The very special properties of floors made from artificial resin coating or floors with an acrylic coating include anti-slip and safe-step properties, as well as liquid density. ASB floor coatings are installed without joints, are resistant to scratches and abrasion, and are easy to clean overall.

Whether you chose an acrylic or an artificial resin coating, we can supply the right flooring system for any application. Depending on requirements, it is anti-static, electrically-conductive and anti-slip. As we use our own manufacturing process to make the desired flooring system, we can take all design requests form our customers into account. These range from company logos to route signs.

Acrylic flooring systems using epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane

Using acrylic elements, every floor can be designed in a quite literally homely way, in private homes, or even in commercial or industrial areas. We have considerable know-how and experience at our disposal in the continually developing area of acrylic flooring, including acrylic floor coatings. For years now, we have been using the base materials acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane for our ASB flooring systems.

With around a dozen different flooring systems, we can supply the right floor covering for every need and any location. It is ideal for large areas such as those in hospitals, care homes, schools or airports, all the way to processing facilities in the food and grocery industries,catering, or for open-plan offices in multi-floor office buildings with representative entrance areas.

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