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PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus
PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus
PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus
PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus
PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus
PMMA Boden - ASB Ahaus

Lay a floor in a single day? The ASB PMMA floor (poly methyl meth acrylate) is an interspersed floor which can be applied in a thickness of 3-4 mm, depending on the substrate.

The PMMA is available in a range of colours, bound by PMMA resin. This composition makes the ASB PMMA flooring very resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses. The major advantage of a PMMA floor is that it dries particularly quickly, so that it can be used in as little as 2 hours. This makes this flooring ideal for businesses who need to restart production as quickly as possible.

The ASB PMMA flooring is a watertight floor, often used in bakeries and butchers’ shops, where hygiene (HACCP) is key. However, this flooring can also be used on balconies and galleries. ASB PMMA floors are resistant to wear, impact and shocks, and can be supplied in anti-slip and smooth versions.

Areas of application:

  • Fish and meat industries
  • Production
  • Food industry
  • Workshops
  • Balconies and galleries
  • Bakeries
  • Other


  • Can be used within 2 hours
  • Installed in a day
  • Chemically and mechanically resistant
  • Hygienic (as per HACCP)
  • Easy to clean
  • UV resistant
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