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Bakery Flooring

Bäckereiböden - ASB Ahaus
Bäckereiböden - ASB Ahaus
Bäckereiböden - ASB Ahaus
Bäckereiböden - ASB Ahaus

Numerous bakeries have also opted for ASB.

As in other areas of the food sector, bakeries are subject to stringent directives with regard to hygiene and safety. We have various flooring systems which are strongly recommended for bakeries because of the HACCP directives.

The floor systems we supply all offer a high level of mechanical and thermal resistance. This means there are no issues with hot ovens or pallet trucks. Most floor systems become softer at high temperatures, which means they can get damaged more quickly.

ASB will look for the best possible solution to your problem, along with you. This means we will look at the load the floor will have to bear with you, considering the existing substrate and your special requests.

Possibilities with ASB Bakery Flooring.

At ASB, we have a range of options with regard to high-quality bakery floors, adapted to your wishes. One is the ASB acid-resistant ceramic floor, which is agitated into a bed of mortar, and so has very high tensile strength.

This floor is available in various colours and shapes, giving a distinctive appearance. The most efficient ceramic floor is the acid-resistant, ceramic, hexagonal floor, which is without equal because of its shape.

Other flooring systems which can be installed in bakeries without any problems are: ASB PU Crete (Ucrete), ASB Polyurethane Coating, ASB Epoxy Resin Coating, ASB Mortar Flooring, ASB PMMA, which can be used after just 1 day. Our experts will look at the site with your, to decide which floor is most suitable for your bakery.

Properties of a bakery floor:

  • Hygienic (as per HACCP)
  • Distinctive
  • Jointless
  • Durable
  • Fire-resistant and safe
  • Offers resistance in cooling and freezing rooms
  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratches
  • Impervious to liquids
  • Dust-free
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in various colours
  • Extremely high thermal resistance

Flooring systems

Which floor systems are suitable for which area?

ASB Keramik DB 2K
ASB Keramik 1L
ASB Keramik 2L
ASB Keramik DBE
ASB PU Crete
Epoxy gemiddeld belastbaar
Marmer Epoxy fijn
Grote Marmer Epoxy
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