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Industrial Flooring

Industrieböden - ASB Ahaus
Industrieböden - ASB Ahaus
Industrieböden - ASB Ahaus
Industrieböden - ASB Ahaus

The versatility of industrial floors from ASB

In the industrial area, strict regulations are applied with regard to a industrial flooring, for example, load capacity, electrical conductivity, or anti-static properties. ASB can supply these versatile, exclusive concepts. We meet the terms of these regulations with regard to coatings, and acid-resistant, ceramic hexagonal flooring.

Only the very best, strongest flooring systems offer adequate safety against the outside influences the industrial sector has to combat. We supply the most exclusive products currently available on the market. Our certified installers have many years of experience in all aspects of processing these flooring systems. This means we can guarantee the highest possible level of quality and service. The big-name players in the industrial sector swear by ASB.

Possibilities with ASB Industrial Flooring

ASB PU Crete (Ucrete) flooring is ASB industrial floor coating. These floors are resistant to e.g. acid, alkali and even offer really high thermal resistance.

In sectors where the floor needs to be operational again very quickly, we can offer the ASB PMMA floor. This floor can be walked on after just a few hours. This keeps production downtime to a minimum.

The ASB acid-resistant, ceramic hexagonal flooring meets all the regulations this sector is subject to. This flooring system is resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical influences.

In addition, the flooring is also available in an anti-static or electrically conductive version. Finally, we can also supply this floor as a WHG version (German Water Resources Act ). This WHG system has been tested by TÜV for quality and functionality.

Properties of an ASB production area floor:

  • Jointless
  • Durable
  • Fire-resistant and safe
  • Impervious to liquids
  • Allergen and dust free
  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratches
  • Can be used quickly
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in various colours
  • Quality with a good balance of price and performance
  • Anti-slip system
  • Electrically conductive / anti-static
  • WHG tested

Flooring systems

Which floor systems are suitable for which area?

ASB Keramik DB 2K
ASB Keramik 1L
ASB Keramik 2L
ASB Keramik DBE
ASB PU Crete
Epoxy gemiddeld belastbaar
Marmer Epoxy fijn
Grote Marmer Epoxy
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