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Kitchen Flooring

Küchenböden - ASB Ahaus
Küchenböden - ASB Ahaus
Küchenböden - ASB Ahaus

You will find the most hygienic floors at ASB.

Stringent directives apply to kitchen floors with regard to safety and hygiene. In this sector, there is a massive responsibility towards the consumer. The kitchen floor plays a massive role here. If cracks or holes appear in the floor, viruses or bacteria can work their way in and multiply.

That’s why ASB has developed flooring systems which are hygienic, safe, and available as anti-slip systems. This means liquids have no opportunity to penetrate the floor, and this makes them easy to clean.

Possibilities with ASB Kitchen Flooring

In kitchens, we work with both acid-resistant ceramic flooring and coating systems. WIth both systems, quality is the number one priority. This high level of thermal resistance is not available from any other company - only us.

In addition, the following systems are ideal for installation in kitchens: ASB PU Crete (Ucrete) and ASB Mortar Flooring. All these flooring systems are installed with a chamfer. This means the floor is not only easy to clean, it also meets the requirements of HACCP.

Along with our experienced field force team, we would be delighted to find the perfect flooring for your project.

Properties of ASB kitchen flooring:

  • Hygienic (as per HACCP)
  • Jointless
  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratches
  • Durable
  • Quick drying time
  • Fire-resistant and safe
  • Impervious to liquids
  • Allergen and dust free
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in various colours
  • Extremely high thermal resistance

Flooring systems

Which floor systems are suitable for which area?

ASB Keramik DB 2K
ASB Keramik 1L
ASB Keramik 2L
ASB Keramik DBE
ASB PU Crete
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